Cheap Flights From Lagos To Abuja

  The route Lagos to Abuja is a commercially popular one. It takes about 10 to 12 hours on land to undertake the journey. However, for those who highly prize comfort and speed, air travel is much preferred as it takes an average of an hour and 10 mins to get to your destination. If … Read more

Top 10 Best Logistics Companies In Nigeria

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How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria (Canada Immigration Programs 2021)

Immigration means to move permanently into a new Country. You must have noticed that Canada in particular  seems to have become an immigration hotspot for Nigerians looking for “Greener Pastures”.  As a matter of fact, Research conducted by shows that Nigeria was the Country with the fourth highest number of immigrants to Canada in … Read more

International Airports in Nigeria

    This guide features the a list of the international airports in Nigeria at the moment. Aside road transportation, one major means transport in Nigeria is by air.   Airports have been successfully established in Nigeria, which has over time enhance the means of travelling by flight.   Nigeria has a total of thirty-one … Read more

Check Out Lovely Photos From Around Nigeria As The Country Celebrates Her 60th Independence Anniversary

  As Nigeria marks the 60th anniversary of her Independence, Infoguider has gathered lovely pictures from around the country for your viewing pleasure. The pictures below portray the rich culture of the numerous ethnic groups found within the borders of the country.  Check them out below beginning with the Igbo People of Nigeria and their … Read more