FG Survival Fund Program 2022 Application Update

FG Survival Fund Program

Applicants can now send in their application for FG Survival Fund Program 2022 Application. Please ensure you read the job program requirements before applying now.


Federal Government Survival Fund Application: Hope is not lost if you are yet to apply for the FG Survival Fund Program as another application round opens. Remember that the Federal Government of Nigeria launched the Survival Fund Program targeted at individual artisans and small businesses.

In a report, FG has already paid 59,000* artisan beneficiaries across 24 states (*the number of beneficiaries has long surpassed this figure by now).

The Survival Fund Program includes Payroll Support, Guaranteed Offtake and MSME Grant. The FG MSME CRM & MIS Platform, which is dedicated for the survival fund program, is to help with the digital registration, onboarding and management of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises for the program.

About the FG Survival Fund Program

  • The program is part of the Economic Sustainability Plan, which aims to support and protect these businesses from the potential vulnerabilities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • There are three categories of the program
  1. Payroll Support – assists in paying employees of a business
  2. Guaranteed Offtake – assists businesses to kick start or in rebuilding
  3. MSME Grant – free grants for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
  • Any Nigerian with a running business (registered or not registered) can apply for either of the categories they qualify for.

Steps to Partake in Survival Fund Program 2022



The very first step to be part of the Federal Government Survival Fund Program is to register with your business and(or) personal information on the survival fund application portal.


After registering on the platform, the next is to complete the onboarding process by adding Organisation, Bank and Employees details.

Step 2: GET PAID

Once your application has been successfully verified, you are then eligible to get paid under the scheme you applied for.

How to Register for FG Survival Fund Program

The following steps will guide you in registering for the survival fund 2022 program;

  • Proceed to the Survival fund registration portal survivalfund.gov.ng 
  • Click on the ‘Start Here’ button, which will take you to the survival fund application form options
  • Choose the category you want to apply for, by clicking ‘Payroll Support Register’, ‘MSME Grant Register,’ or ‘Guaranteed Offtake Register.’
  • Fill in your information in the form as correct as possible to avoid disqualification at the verification state

After successful registration, you will;

  • Receive an Activation Code on your mobile, use to activate your profile
  • Log in to Your Profile to proceed with the onboarding process.

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