Ginseng in Nigeria: What is Ginseng Roots Called in Yoruba, Hausa And Igbo Language?


Ginseng in Nigeria: What is Ginseng Roots Called in Yoruba, Hausa And Igbo Language?

What is the local name for Ginseng in Nigeria? You asked. Check out what Ginseng Root is called in Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo language here.

You will also learn in this post the price and where to buy Ginseng in Lagos and other parts of the country. If you are also curious to know the uses of this herbal or medicinal plant, this is the right page for you. Read on.

Can Ginseng Roots Be Found In Nigeria?

Of course, Ginseng can be found in Nigeria. You can buy it either online or offline in local Nigerian markets. However, it is not as popular as other spices or herbs in the country.

Is it grown in Nigeria?

Not exactly. Ginseng roots are not known to be planted in Nigeria. If there’s any place in Nigeria where the herb is grown, then it will be in the South Western or Eastern part of the country. However, this is not in commercial quantity.

Ginseng is mainly imported into Nigeria from countries like the United States, India, China, Korea and so on.

What is Ginseng called in Hausa?

Ginseng is not native to the Hausa people of Nigeria and therefore does not have any name in the local language.

If you want to buy Ginseng roots from any market in the Hausa speaking region of the country, simply call it Ginseng or it’s Yoruba or Igbo name. The local traders there who deal on herbs will know it immediately.

If you have a picture of it on your phone, you can also show it to them. They’ll recognize it immediately.

What is Ginseng Roots Called in Yoruba?

In Nigerian Yoruba language, Ginseng is called “Kankandoro” or “Tamolabiya”. The Yorubas use it for preparing local herbal remedies for women experiencing fertility issues.

According to the local herbalists, the roots contains some properties which can help couples struggling to have their own children.

It is often ground and mixed with other ingredients in what look like a local tea.

What is Ginseng Roots Called in Igbo language?

In Igbo language, Ginseng is known as “Ogbogu Okonji” or “Okonji Ogbogu”.

Just like the Yoruba people, the Igbo people use it in preparing local herbal medicines. Though the herb is less popular in the region compared to the Yoruba dominated areas.

How to get Ginseng in Nigeria

To get Ginseng in Nigeria, visit any Nigerian online shopping mall and place your order there.

You can as well get it from local markets in different parts of the country. Especially around the South West, East and Northern Nigeria.

Ginseng Root Price in Nigeria

Ginseng price in Nigeria ranges from N1300 to N15,000 depending on the size or quantity you are buying.

You can buy the roots, the powder or supplements online from sites like Jumia Nigeria or Jiji.

You can also walk into any Nigerian market offline and ask of it. The price is usually lesser there.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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