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How To Receive Money Online Through Voguepay In Nigeria 2021 – 100% Free

Are you searching for how to receive money from abroad? Will you like to know how to receive international payments online here in Nigeria? Let me introduce you to Voguepay, the online international payment gateway for Nigerians.
Did you find this page by searching on Google for any of the following queries:

Then congratulations, you have landed on the right page.
In this post today, I will show you how to receive money online using Voguepay in Nigeria.
I will also show you how you can use the payment platform to accept payments for products and services online just like DomainKing and several other e-commerce stores here in Nigeria.
Before doing that, let me briefly explain what Voguepay is all about by answering a few questions those of us that are just hearing about it for the first time may have.
What is Voguepay?
Voguepay is an online payment gateway that you can use to accept and make payments from any part of the world.
Like Paypal and Payoneer, Voguepay is highly secured and trusted by millions of their customers for carrying out financial transactions.
Signing up for an account on the platform is free, fast and like I said earlier, highly secured.
You can use Voguepay in Nigeria to receive money from family and friends abroad, accept payments for your products and services online and also make payments without any form of delay.
Can I Withdraw Funds From Voguepay To My Nigerian Bank Account?
Yes you can easily withdraw or transfer funds from your Voguepay account to your local bank account without any stress. The process takes just a few minutes to complete. I will explain to you how to do this as you read further.
Does Voguepay Accept Nigerian Credit And Debit Cards?
Yes Voguepay accepts Nigerian credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa and Verve) for financial transactions.
What Else Can I Do On With Voguepay Apart From Using It To Send And Receive Money Online?
Well apart from sing it to make and accept payments online, you can also use it to recharge your MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9MOBILE lines. As long as you have some funds on your wallet, buying of airtime is possible.
Alright,, I believe you have gotten answers to a few of your questions concerning Voguepay here. Let me now move over to explaining how to use the payment gateway to receive money internationally.
How To Receive Money Online With Voguepay In Nigeria
First, you will need to signup for an account on the payment platform.
Voguepay currently runs two types of account: the Personal account and the Business account.
The Personal account is for people who wants an individual account they can use to send and receive money from friends and family and also make payments online.
The Business account is for people who want to signup using their business information to make financial transaction online. This type of account will involve your business name, physical address, phone number and email.
The good thing about the Personal account and Business accounts is that both accounts can be used to send and receive money online easily.
If you have decided on the type of account to open, then using your device, visit
Click on “GET STARTED”. It will lead you to another page where you will see two icons, the first icon represents “Personal account” while the second stands for “Business account.”
Click on the first icon if you want to signup for a personal account now. You can always upgrade it later to a Business account for free if you so wishes.
In the next page shown, you will have to enter your personal information properly.
After filling your details correctly in the spaces provided for it, click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” and check your email address immediately. An activation link and code will be sent to your inbox from Voguepay. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your SPAM folder for it.
You need to copy the code sent to you in the mail and click on the activation link.
The link will lead you to an activation page where you will be required to enter the code sent to your inbox.
You will get a “success message” that your account has been fully activated. Login and link up your bank account from your dashboard.
After this successful account creation, you can now receive money from anyone and in any currency using Voguepay. Simply give the person your account details (email, phone number or Id) so they can use it to send money to you anytime, anyday.
In Conclusion
“Voguepay is a user-friendly online payment platform that allows you send and receive payments easily from anyone, in any country.”
The payment gateway accepts payments through Card transaction and Bank transfers.
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