How to Promote and Advertise Your Business on

How to Promote and Advertise Your Business on

Every business desires to have traffic from paying customers business is a game of numbers, that’s why should be a place you must visit as a small or medium business owner.


The website is a famous online forum in Nigeria, it achieved popularity by engaging viewers with similar interests to discuss and share undiluted opinions, of viral content on the web.

The prestigious company owned by Seun Osewa,, has gained as Africa’s most visited website, with over a 1.5million viewers, it is indeed a good place to advertise your business.

If you’re new to social media marketing and searching for the right spot or maybe searching for a new marketing channel to promote your business or broaden your media influence, then is your must-go-to site, and here are six tips for blending perfectly in the forum, as you promote your business and gain greatly from it.

How to Get Acquainted with the Community

Before investing in an advertisement, you must understand your target market and the way they perceive every piece of information brought their way, hence, background research must be carried out.

Niaraland has a dominating number of males ranging from the age of 18-29 with a keen interest in technology, with other minority age groups and interests.
It may interest you to know they are various sub-forums consisting of individuals with similar interests such as;

  • Niaraland Politics
  • Niaraland Romance
  • Nairaland Education
  • Nairaland Jobs
  • Niaraland Entertainment etc.

With this knowledge, you can be strategic with your adverts, knowing the exact niche in which you can find prospects and convert them into paying customers.

When it comes to media marketing, we most likely tend to spam without knowing, especially for a newbie online business trying to gain prospects and build influence, what is spamming? Spamming simply means unwanted media advertisement, it may be considered violent or racial or abusive, or annoying, however, the case may be.

Spamming mostly occurs when advertisements are being fed to the wrong viewers who may not appreciate your content, products or services.

Secondly, spamming may occur when adverts are repeatedly posted in the wrong way e.g. in the comment sections or on an unrelated post; whatsoever may be the case, at all costs, you must avoid spamming on

Create Engaging Content

There’s no better way to captivate the minds of your prospects or potential customers, than content that keeps them eye-glued to their screen and the willingness to comment on the post they have just seen.

The question is how?

We’re in a digital world, and the reason for that is technology has found a way to ease boredom, stress and anxiety, a good number of people go on their phones to see what can engage them, in humour, psychologically, educationally, and fun.

Whatever advert posted must serve this purpose. It must give your viewers a sense of the above written and more.

You cannot create engaging content without good graphics, people enjoy, eye-catching colourful advert, yes, no one outgrows a good splash of colour in the right way, believe it or not.

With all said, if your post makes it to the front page of, you can be sure of a ton of traffic, an increase in your media influence and paying customers.

Choose the Right Niche

As said earlier, strategic marketing avert wasted time and effort, helping to put your money to good use.


Choosing the right niche to advertise your products and service is very key, you can go for a niche with a small number of highly engaged users.

The advantage of this is, it is easy to convert prospects to paying customers or you can go for large groups with a greater number of people, you’re more likely to drive traffic to your media platforms than gain paying customers.

With this shared, you must understand an advert serves two purposes, to create awareness of your product and services, driving your brand into the subconscious of your viewers, and to create action( paying customers), gaining paying clients. Whatever purpose your advert is aimed to do, having the right viewers is key.

Take Advantage of NairaLand’s Paid Advert

Peradventure you don’t have the patience to grow your viewers through organic reach on Nairaland, then placing an advert is a good idea.

Nairaland advert algorithm is designed to place your sponsored post to the right target market and people with similar interests.

All you need is a good graphic designer to design an eye-catchy banner; it must be borderless, 318 pixels wide, 106 pixels tall, less than 30kb in size and must be in PGN or JPG format. Once your ad payment has been approved, Nairaland will send you the payment detail to credit your account.

Kindly note Nairaland only has 6 slots in each section. If all the slots are taken, then you may have to queue for any available slot.

Nairaland Customer Care Service

Nairaland is known for the energy its viewers dispense, and as a business, it should be your topmost priority that every question asked is delivered friendly and suited to potential customers.

A good customer care service sends lasting satisfaction to prospects and increases views or traffic of your product on-site, encourages more post engagement and eventually leads to paying customers for the products or services advertised.

You should bear in mind it cost less to maintain a customer than to acquire a new one through other marketing channels. And by providing excellent service and support, you keep your customers happy and loyal to your business.

How to Avoid Getting Banned on Nairaland

In all you’re doing, you must bear in mind to always obey the Niaraland etiquette, this is to secure your place on this website, so you won’t get banned.

The Nairaland community frowns greatly on spammers and online bullies and would not think twice to throw you off their site, if you’ve been spotted breaking any set rules, your aim should bring value at all costs even while advertising your brand or company.

You can also follow these steps to avoid getting banned on Nairaland;

  • Do not be excessively promotional
  • Post in the right forum, where your content or advert would be appreciated
  • Avoid submitting the same comment to different sections or forum
  • Do not abuse, bully or provoke other members, if your rights have been abused or someone acts unruly, kindly report it.
  • Avoid posting false information.
  • Kindly bear in mind that Nairaland is a forum first and a marketing channel second.


All you need to know to thrive in has been written in a well-detailed format, you can start implementing them as you wish.

Please kindly adhere to the etiquette of the forum, in other to maximize your stay and achieve all that is needed to advertise your products or services.


Ensure to post on the right forum to get efficient results, and to reach the right prospects for your business.

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