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How To Open GTBank Savings Account Online In 5 Minutes (GTB Account Opening Web Engine >>Latest Method)

Do you want to learn how to open a GTBank Savings account online?
Would you like to know how to open any type of account today with Guaranty Trust Bank using your phone, Tablet or computer?

I will show you in this post the current method to open an account online with GTB using the Account Opening Web Engine (AOWE) service, as posted on the bank’s official website.

This GTB online account opening method can be used to open a Savings account, Current account or even a Corporate account from any part of the world in less than 5 minutes.

It is no doubt, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) is one of the biggest and best banks not just in Nigeria but Africa as a whole, with millions of customers all over the continent and beyond.

Recently, the bank introduced the Account Opening Web Engine service that provides Nigerians with access to a very wide range of products and services.

Some of these products and services include GTBank Savings account, Current account, eBanking services, Card products and many more.

To open an official bank account in Nigeria today with GTB without visiting any of the bank’s physical branch, there are two methods you can use. Read on to see them.

How To Open GTB Account With Code

The first method is through the bank’s official USSD code for account opening (*737*0#)

You can dial the code on your mobile phone and follow the instructions that will be displayed on your phone to open a real account with the bank and get your account number instantly.

It works for personal and business accounts like the GTBank Savings account and Current account.

How To Open GTB Account Online

The second method to open a bank account without visiting GTbank’s branch, is to open the account online on the bank’s Account Opening Web Engine using your browsing phone, tablet or computer and a data plan. 
I will show you how this second method works below. Keep reading!

Requirements For Opening GTBank Account

Before you can successfully open a GTBank Savings account or any other type of account online, here are a few requirements you will need:

1. Bank Verification Number (BVN)

The Bank Verification Number (BVN), is an 11 digit number issued to bank customers in Nigeria by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a means of identification.

In Nigeria, every bank customer is required to register for it either before or immediately after opening an account with any bank in the country.

You are required to register for the BVN only once as an account holder and to link up all your bank accounts (existing and new) with the same code.

2. Passport Photograph

You will be required to upload a scanned clear copy of your recent passport photograph on the bank’s account opening engine.

3. Utility Bill

A scanned copy of your water or electricity bill is also required when opening bank accounts in Nigeria.

4. A Valid Method of Identification

For those who do not already own a BVN, you will need to provide any other valid method of identification when opening GTBank Savings account or Current account online.

You will be asked to upload a scanned copy of the ID method.

The accepted identification methods in Nigerian banks includes: the National ID Card, Permanent Voters Card (PVC), Drivers Licence and International Passport.

5. Address

The home address you will be required to enter here must be the same with the one on your utility bill.

This is a must for GTB Savings account, Current account or any other type of account.

6. Email and Phone Number

A working email address and phone is also required for contact purposes. This is where you will always receive notifications of transactions made through your account.

7. Personal Information

You will also be required to provide your personal details such as your full name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name etc.

How To Open GTBank Savings Account In 8 Steps Using The Account Opening Web Engine Service

I said earlier the GTB Account Opening Web Engine service to open both personal and business accounts like the Savings, Current and Corporate account.

If you have the above requirements ready and will like to know how to open a working GTBank Savings account online, please see the 8 steps below.
How To Open GTBank Savings Account Online In 5 Minutes (GTB Account Opening Web Engine >>Latest Method)
gtbank account online guide

1. Log on to using your phone or computer.

2. Click on ”Open a Personal account now”.

3. On the next page, select “A new account” from the dropdown if this is your first account with the bank or “Create additional account” if you are an existing customer with the bank.

4. Select the account type from the next dropdown on your screen.

5. Enter your BVN number on the next form or skip it if you do not already have one

6. Upload your recent Passport photograph on the form shown and select your ID method.

7. Now enter your full name, phone number, email address, home address and other personal details on the form

8. Click on “Submit” and follow the onscreen instructions to complete your registration and get your account number immediately.

Congratulations, your GTBank Savings account is ready!

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